Stories of the hunt

Joel and Shannon hunting
By: Joel Goodman
Date: 10/1/2010

Last Friday I took our daughter Shannon out hunting. It all started the night before when Shannon took her shower she wanted to use my scent free soap, shampoo, conditioner, tooth paste, mouth wash, etc. I said no when she asked to use my no scent pit stick, a little young for that!!
Anyway I pick her up from school make the trip to the gas station for snacks and head to the farm we will be hunting. We will be hunting in a corn field the deer have destroyed!! This farm has a big-time deer problem and we are trying to help nock the herd down so any doe is in trouble.
Ok we setup the Double Bull in the corn facing north into an area the farmer had mowed the day before. We have a 35 yard gap between the end of the corn and the wood line, we camo it up with stalks and settle in.
We had been on "stand" for about an hour Shannon was laying down and I was resting my eyes I just happened to look out the window and there's a doe and fawn walking through our lane!! Couldn’t get a shot. They continued out into the adjacent hay field. I woke up Shannon got her on her chair and we got ready for action and asked her if it would be ok to shoot a doe tonight her eyes lit up and she said YES!! Before according to her I could only shoot bucks!!
We sat and watched them for about a half hour and all of a sudden a deer snorts next to us, the deer in the hay field go on alert and start getting nervous but they start working back TOWARDS us. I tell Shannon this could be good.
Ok they're coming, the lead doe is about to step into my lane at 25 yards, I'm hoping for a little closer shot I mouth grunt to stop her and she walks right through my lane then all of a sudden a bunch of unseen deer to my right start running around acting spooked. I spot a doe walking broadside to us as she steps into the lane I mouth grunt she stops I draw and actually took my time aiming and shoot. Perfect shot! The deer take off Shannon and I are going crazy all she can say is “DADDY SHOT A DEER” over and over she was shaking I was shaking it was pretty cool.
We pack up our stuff in the blind and hurry out to look for the arrow. I wasn’t totally prepared, I only brought two lights one has a red lens the other is a small cheapo headlamp and since we were losing light we headed into the woods to find blood and the deer.
We were having a hard time finding blood and I was thinking of leaving and coming back first thing in the morning. I thought I would check this last trail and then back out if we didn’t find blood.
We head down this trail about 10 yards and sure enough there’s blood, Shannon says "ooh dad that’s good sign"
We go about 30 more yards and there she lays “woo hoo” more celebration!!
So here's a picture not a 170" buck but a hunt I and hopefully Shannon won’t forget.
After we dragged the deer out took pictures and loaded her up I told Shannon I would donate this deer to the hungry she said "that’s a good idea dad the people in Haiti need the meat after the big hurricane wiped out they're land".
Anyway here's the picture of the happy hunters.

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